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Chicken and Mice

In a spurt of activity I have finished some knitting and some cross stitching. This particular cross stitch piece has been on the go for about 18 months I think. Which is why in the midst of a very dry and warm April and the same it looks like for May I have finished a Christmas piece!

I am pleased with the finish, especially as when it gets to the back stitch I sometimes start to lose a faith and want to start another piece. Which I did, and then found out the material was not going to be big enough, despite me counting it more than once. Good job I had not got very far, but I am currently in the midst of unpicking and I have treble checked the material (after buying another piece) so hopefully this will be coming along quite nicely especially as there is minimal back stitching.

In between the stitching and the reading (as well as the working and sleeping!) there has been some knitting. Spotting this by chance in a knitting magazine and then on Amazon, my mum invested in this book. Knit & Purl Pets by Claire Garland.

This is a book full of funky knitted pets. Including a snake, a tortoise, mice as well as the chicken which is featured on the front cover, the reason I was interested. A colleague of mine has spent many many months going on about getting chickens and so building a coop. He is still talking about it but progress has been made and the chickens should be with him by the end of the week. So in the spirit of acts of kindness and because of the chicken interest, I decided I wanted to knit him a chicken and a egg.

For that interminable question the chicken came first and then the egg. I used ends of wool from varying different balls and the effect was above. I think the yellow for the legs and beak is too light and needs to be brighter, but other than that I am pleased with the effect. Despite really only being a basic knitter, it was a fairly quick knit especially on 5 needles.

If you read the reviews on Amazon for the book, you will see that the most of them complain about the mistakes in the book. I have to confess it is true, in just knitting the chicken I found two mistakes and the instructions are not particularly clear, you do need some knitting experience to be able to do any of the patterns or in my case a mum who knits better.

I just hope the author and the publisher revisit this book and look at the errata’s because it will put off those less experienced knitters who probably would love to knit something different.

I am going to knit another chicken I think, as I have found some wool which will give a different finis. I will not be giving this chicken away though.

Will keep you updated as I can with my craft projects!


3 thoughts on “Chicken and Mice

  1. Oh that cross stitch is well worth the effort – it is beautiful. I am so envious as have not had any time to do any stitching at all (I’m not going to have time now to do my wedding sampler 😦 ). And the knitting looks fun too – how I wish I could knit.

  2. The cross stitch is lovely, the shadings look great.

    The chicken looks quite complicated to me bit I’ve never tried anything like that. I hope he appreciates them! I’m looking forward to seeing the Sprinkle version when you finish it.

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