Little Girl Lost – Brian McGilloway

Lucy Black has moved back home to look after her father who is having problems with his memory. Her mother and father had split years previously after an incident in their own home which forced them to move out. So there is only Lucy and she is trying to balance this care as well as her career as a DS in the Northern Ireland police where is trying to establish herself. However there are a couple of problems, her father used to work with her new boss Inspector Fleming and her mother happen to be the Assistant Chief Constable. Lucy has lots to prove.

Lucy is called out to a little girl found wandering in the woods who as the story unfolds seems to have played some sort of a part in another high profile case, the police are investigating the kidnap of a teenager of one of Derry’s most prominent businessmen.

This is quite a fast paced book. The chapters are short and long relevant to how the story unfolds and how it wants to hook the reader in. It does this effectively and you are drawn to all the action very quickly. For me it felt like I was watching an episode of television, the descriptions and characters were really strong and jumped off the page.

In particular the main character, Lucy has so many different levels and this came across as she was trying to coax the little girl to talk, to make sense of the case she is not meant to be working on, her mother’s reactions to involvements in events and the ramblings of her father which somehow become entangled into the case she is working on.  Lucy had been almost wrung out with tension and emotion and this came across as the book reached its climax; Lucy needs to find her place in her mother’s life, her father’s life and her career as well as find out what she wants.

A great stand alone novel by Brian McGilloway, although if he felt like making DS Lucy Black into a series then I for one would enjoy reading more. As with his Inspector Devlin books – a gripping story which all crime fans will enjoy.

My thanks to Amazon Vine for allowing me the opportunity to read this book. 

I do not know why I was gripped by this book but I was, and lots of reviews on Amazon have felt the same. Although plenty have not!

I was introduced to Brian McGilloway through Amazon Vine when I read The Rising and then being the sort of person I am I wanted to make sure I read the others and in order (The Rising being the 4th Inspector Devlin book) so I read Borderlands the first as well. That was back in August last year and I have ground to halt in reading his others, but now having picked him up again. I would like to have caught up with them by the end of the year at least.  I admit this is an author I would not have picked up and sometimes it is worth taking a risk because that risk can pay off!