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Basically just more books!

Nothing I can say really apart from these are the latest additions to my book shelf! That is the trouble when I have time off work! These 7 books are gathered from various charity books shops and the top two from Linda Gillard who I have been in contact with regarding her wonderful book House of Silence. She offered to send me these two so I can read and enjoy. They are going to be ebooks probably by the end of the year. Linda, thank you and also for signing them.

So from the top down

Linda Gillard – Emotional Geology

Linda Gillard – Star Gazing

Veronica Henry – Wild Oats. I read The Beach Hut last year, and wanted to read some of her back catalogue as I was not sure about The Beach Hut. 

Stephen Fry – Moab is my Washpot. I have this is as an audio book, but I really cannot get into it in this format. I want to read it so when I saw the book I had to buy it. I do like Stephen Fry, think it is his intelligence seems to know no bounds!  

Suzzane Bulger – This Perfect World My cousin who reads a lot recommended this one to me, although she assumed I had read it! But I had not and I had already downloaded a sample to my kindle, and then spotted it in the charity shop! Excellent. 

Trisha Ashley – A Winter’s Tale. I am fast becoming addicted to Ashley’s novels! Trying to read all her back catalogue. 

Pauline McLynn – Better than a Rest I stumbled across McLynn a while ago in the library and loved her books and the witty writing. I realised a lot later that she was the same Pauline McLynn that was the actress. 

Now I need the time to read all these little gems that I have got, amongst the others that are spilling off the shelves!

My time off from work (do not worry mr bank manager I go back to work on Tuesday) also involves a visit to Waterstones (other book retailers available) and a peruse of their shelves. The peace and tranquility of the bookshop is something to beholden. Despite all the noise outside, for me it always seems so quiet. Like stepping through in to another world. Enough poeticising. I came away with some books, much to the delight of the lady who always seems to serve me in there, I am sure she thinks “oh good, here comes by Christmas Bonus”. I do like being served by this lady, I like familiarity in shops and also she loves books just as much as me and will always chat about new books and authors for me to read. I can probably imagine how her wages get spent. I hope this particular store is not effected by the cull that is going to be made on some Waterstones because profits are not as high.

I was fairly constrained for me I think because I had acquired so many in the last couple of weeks, the sensible part of me was reminding me that I have to pay the bills! But when it is 3 for 2 what can you do?

I tried to stick to new books and new authors on the 3 for 2. If I stick to actual books I am looking for, they are very rarely on any offer and you end up paying full price for them, frustrating when I know I can then get them cheaper on Amazon.

From top to bottom:

Kathleen Tessaro – The Debutante Secrets from the past help the present. 

Lesley Lokko – One Secret Summer I have recently read Bitter Chocolate and enjoyed it and wanted to see what else the author had written. 

Katherine Webb – The Unseen Just read The Legacy and enjoyed it, the second novel from this author promises to be better than the first. 

Jo Nesbo – The Redbreast There is a lot of push at the moment, for this author and sometimes I do not like being pushed into reading a book because it is the ‘current vogue’ to do so. However, this book was on offer for 99p providing I spent over £20. Enough said! 

Maggie O’Farell – The Hand that First Held Mine Again, this has been popping up on blogs etc I have been reading, and having read a few pages on my Kindle it piqued enough of my interest to want to read the book!

Anjali Joseph – Saraswati Park Near the front of the store, cover caught my eye, the premise looks good, set in Bombay, the first couple of pages read well. Sometimes it is just worth taking a risk. 

Monica McInerney – At Home with The Templetons  I have read this author before and reviewed on Amazon before I started this blog. This is her latest novel. 

So there you go, my haul! Can I get help for all this excessive book buying and reading? No, I did not think so!


2 thoughts on “Basically just more books!

  1. I have just found your blog, having seen your comment (re the silly names for the royal wedding) on Random Jottings blog. I then saw you had my friend Linda Gillard’s books on your book pile and thought, “Ah, here’s a sensible reader!” You will love them, there’s nothing not to like about them (well, yes, I am biased!)
    Also, you have showcased some of the books I want to read,; indeed, jogged my memory about them. In return might I suggest you add the excellent novel, The Return of Captain John Emmett by Elizabeth Speller to your list?
    All good wishes from a sunny Devon,
    Margaret P

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