50 Harbor Street – Debbie Macomber

We are back in Cedar Cove, for the fifth time with Debbie Macomber and this time, it is all about marriages and relationships and the testing of them.

Roy and Corrie, the local private detective and his wife have been receiving anonymous postcards and then other gifts and they do not know who it is. But something is niggling at both them about an issue in the past and they both do their own investigating and come to the same conclusion which will suddenly change their family forever.

Roy and Corrie’s daughter Linette is a new resident to town as she starts work at the new medical centre. She has her sights set on the new doctor, Chad there she knows from her past, but he has sights on Gloria, Linette’s next door neighbour and friend. Gloria does not want to lose this newly found friendship. Linette feels she settles for second best with Cal who works on the horse farm with Cliff Harding but then something happens and she realises that maybe second is better than first.

Cliff and Grace are seemingly lurching between everything and nothing in their relationship. Is it on or is it off? Grace takes matters into her own hands and makes a choice which only she knows is the best one, whilst her daughter Maryellen thinks it is the wrong one. But it looks like Grace will start to think like her daughter very soon.

Maryellen is pregnant and her husband Jon is delighted, but then an enforced five month complete bed rest means that Maryellen has to give up her work and it is left to Jon to bring in the money, run the house and look after their daughter. His work as a photographer suffers as he goes back to cooking in the local restaurant The Lighthouse but then something happens which leaves Jon and the owners Seth and Justine Gunderson without an income………

And we move to 6 Rainier Drive where the story picks up.

These books are really great to get into and it does not matter if you have not read the previous ones. You are among friends, there is enough background information for you to relate the characters to each other and it just means that you have more books to read to get the full story!

I feel guilty about reading these books, because they are in some ways like soap operas on the television. And I do not watch them. However, they leave you with that feel good feeling and I know the place and the characters are all my own imagination and not how someone may have interpreted it for the screen. So bring on the guilt and I have 6 Rainer Drive ready to go!