Domestic Arts

Cooking is somewhat a chore but it can also result in some great achievements. And for me I cheer my achievements no matter how small even domestic achievements such as cooking. If you have never tried this before try it soon, you will have no idea what a positive effect it can have.

Cakes are quite a common feature in my kitchen, but I always like to try something different and so this time it was all about carrot cake.

It is much moister than the chocolate cake, probably due to the carrots, it has mincemeat and honey in as well but no butter or flour. Weetabix and Scan Bran bulk it out and eggs bind it all together. I think it could have been cooked for perhaps a bit longer, but none the less it was different and it was tasty.

The remaining pieces of scan bran I wanted to use to cover some Scotch Eggs in. Rather a messy creation perhaps but it was worth it. Hard boiled eggs, fat free sausages out of their skin and placed round the hard boiled eggs, rolled in beaten egg and then dipped in the crushed scan bran. Please note here crushing Scan Bran is quite a challenge, especially when I was trying to avoid using the food mixer. I like cooking but not washing up!  So into the bag sealed with the rolling pin and bash away on the carpet floor. At least my downstairs neighbour was not in, he would have thought I was committing a murder!

Into the oven and then 25 minutes or so later out they came…..

They were delicious cold but really lovely warm as well. I will be visiting this recipe again and again I feel.