Recently Procured

A small use of my thesaurus and Recent Acquisitions becomes Recently Procured!

A day off from work brought about a chance to go and poke about in some charity shops which are in the vicinity of the butchers who supply me with my fat-free burgers and sausages! And you cannot go poking about without buying one or two.

Debbie Macomber – Old Boyfriends Part of The Blossom Street Series previously released as Susannah’s Garden

Lucy Cavendish – Samantha Symthe’s Modern Family Journal The first book in the trilogy. I have already read the final book and was suitably impressed.

Debbie Macomber – A Good Yarn Again part of The Blossom Street Series, just need to make sure I read them in the correct order.

M.C. Beaton – Death of a Maid A Hamish Macbeth Mystery from the creator of Agatha Raisin. Book 22 in the series, but I just wanted to see what they were like having watched the television series back in 1995!

Carola Dunn – Requiem for a Mezzo The third book in the Daisy Dalyrmple series. Cosy Mysteries! I have not read the second but I am sure either that will not be a problem or by the time I get to reading this one, I may have located and read the second!

Griff Rhys Jones – Semi-Detached Autobiographical book and one for some reason I have missed and I do enjoy listening to Griff.

Very top of the pile is a Persephone Classic Little Boy Lost by Marghanita Laski book I won recently whilst taking part in Persephone Weekend.

Standing up on the side is Michael Caine – The Elephant to Hollywood A Christmas present for my dad which he has now read and enjoyed (always a bonus) and has passed onto me to read!

Behind this pile of books, you can see my book shelf with books spilling off to the side and also some of my cross stitch made into cushions which ‘pose’ all round my flat.

Now to get on with some reading!

7 thoughts on “Recently Procured

  1. Looks like you’ve got some great reading ahead of you! The only one I’ve read is Little Boy Lost, which was a very emotional book but my favourite Persephone so far.

  2. A nice variety of books there. I havent read any but have ‘Little Boy Lost’ to read at some stage (well done on winning this!) and my second ever Hamish Macbeth lined up – which I think is the latest. I don’t like reading out of order but, as I didn’t like the first book, thought I’d give the last in the series a try.
    I’ve only read the first Daisy Dalrymple so far and would like to try the second when I can get it.
    I’ve never tried Debbie Macomber but am curious about her series so I look forward to reading your thoughts on that one. Happy reading! 🙂

  3. Am glad that your Persephone book arrived safely. Looks like you’ve got a nice collection. I enjoyed Semi-detached a few years ago. Ditto the Samantha Smythe.

    And I like procurement, as a change from acquisitions…

  4. I haven’t read any of them but they all look interesting. I didn’t even watch Hamish Macbeth when it was on. I’m looking forward to what you think about the book.

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