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Some more Cross Stitch

More? Suddenly I have visions of Oliver Twist in mind “Please, sir, I want some more”.

But no this is more cross stitch, after completing the Somebunny last week I wanted something else small and enjoyable to stitch whilst watching the television. So I went searching through all the patterns I have and come across some Margaret Sherry. I say some Margaret Sherry with tongue in cheek as I have rather a lot of patterns from magazines by this wonderful designer. I have also stitched her designs before and if I could find the photos I would show you, perhaps another day.

Here is the little cat, poking out of a mug. The back stitch is worth it when you see him slowly coming to life!

Now I have yet to finish this one up and tossed around either a coaster or a card. I am settling on a card at the moment, but wouldn’t he look rather funky on my kitchen wall? And there are another 3 to stitch……