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Some Cross Stitch

It is a while since I have posted any pictures to do with cross stitch, I have spoken about it passing. Mainly due to the fact that I am not getting any done and I seem to have lost momentum with it. Last week though whilst reading my mum’s Cross Stitch Card Shop magazine, there was a free Somebunny to Love kit. Something about it appealed to me, I think perhaps the colours or simply the pattern and the fact it was simply quite cute!

It being a free kit, I did not have to worry about finding the thread, material and needle and could get straight on with it and that is what I did. Two nights it took me, last Sunday and then finished on Friday night.

Somebunny to Love

I made it up into a card. I was not sure at first, because it is only stitched with one thread and I am not always keen on that, I think it can make a design look wishy-washy but in this case it had the desired effect. This is not the normal kind of design I would have picked up, bunnies not really being my ‘thing’! However, having looked at other Somebunny to Love kits available and the designs seen in the magazines I think I would be tempted to stitch another one.

I do not know who I am going to give it or if I will but it was such a pleasure to do it and see it finished. I think I may slowly start to get back into my stitching.