Kindle Kid Reads – Part Two

I posted about the first lot of sample books that I downloaded on my kindle to see if they grabbed me and I would then want to seek out the book and read it.  This is the method I apply when I am in bookshops (hence why I am in there for so long!) I read the first couple of pages and see how I get on with the ‘writing’ a bizarre  method but one that works for me.

Since then, as I have come across books through blogs and browsing Amazon I have a few more samples on my kindle to consider. So what did I get, quite a lot I think.

A Cotswold Killing – Rebecca Tope Cosy Mystery Series. Think I may have read it? Anyway always on the look out for some more murder and mystery in the cosy environment.

Murder in Steeple Martin – Lesley Cookman See comments for above!

Sugar Island – Sanjida O’Connell Radio 2 Book Club choice.

Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict – Laurie Viera Rigler Been on a few blogs recently and sounded interesting.

Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict – Laurie Viera Rigler Ditto

Bleakly Hall – Elaine di Rollo Keeps coming up on Amazon and I liked the cover of the book.

Invisible – Lorena McCourtney Another cosy mystery.

A Winter’s Tale, Wedding Tiers, Sowing Secrets – Trisha Ashley Probably do not need to read the first few pages of these books as I have loved the two Trisha Ashley books I have read in the last few weeks.

Three Weddings and a Baby – Fiona Harper Cannot even remember why I added this??

Gentleman’s Relish – Patrick Gale I am a fan of Gale books and this is his latest, it is somewhat shorter than his rest.

If I Die Before I Wake – Sherwood King Again not sure why I downloaded this. Could be a surprise if not then I have not wasted any money.

Faulks on Fiction – Sebastian Faulks Goes with the BBC series of the same name, though something makes me think that I need to be looking at the physical book to really decide.

Have any of you read these? Any you recommend? Again I will be back in a few days (or weeks) with the results of this project.