Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death

This is the first story in the series of Agatha Raisin by M C Beaton.

Agatha Raisin retires and sells her PR Company out to a big company and goes to realise a dream of living in a cottage in the Cotswolds. However, Agatha does not bank on how going from a somebody in the big city to a nobody in a village. To try to rectify this she enters the local Quiche Making competition with a spinach variety. Sounds delicious but Agatha have no cooking skills, and buys her quiche from London and tries to pass it off as her own.

However the truth is found out when someone dies after eating a piece of that quiche ‘she made’ and Agatha starts a bit of her own village sleuthing all the time trying to resist life in the village which she realises is affecting more than she gives credit for.

Agatha is annoying; her manner is rude and abrupt. There is no softer side to her, even when she is upset about attempts on her life; it is rather an insipid emotion she shows. She is not in control and that annoys her more. But there is something that makes you keep reading about her, and whether you love her or hate her she is a character that gets under your skin.

I am perhaps a bit late to the party with these, but I was after some cosy mystery and know what rave reviews they have had. Yes it was easy to work out the conclusion perhaps but it was great to get swept along with Agatha and all the characters of the village as you get to the denouement. So here I am on the journey I have a lot of books to catch up with excuse me while I go and do this!

As I say in my review above (published on Amazon) I am bit late to the party with these books. I know I read one a long time ago and did not much like it. However I loved this book so perhaps it shows that sometimes you need to go back and visit books and authors and have another go! Another cosy mystery set to add to ever burgeoning list of these that I want to read.

I also read this on my Kindle for 99p I could not really justify getting a hard copy. Luckily my mum had the next book in the series so I have borrowed that and think the others will be read in the book form, still cheaper than getting them on the Kindle. I hope you understand my logic.