Chocolate Ganache

Definition of Ganache – is a glaze, icing, or filling for pastries made from chocolate and cream.

This was my experimental baking weekend. After having read Chocolate Wishes where chocolate is in abundance and also a recipe at the back on how to make chocolate ganache I wanted to see if I could have a go and then make some chocolate cakes. Mmmm sounded like a plan.

I bought the ingredients I needed, double cream and chocolate. I did buy the smallest tub of cream and the highest percentage of chocolate that I could get. Just in case it went horribly wrong not in case I ate it all.

I checked around for the best recipe for making it. Some say boil the cream add the chopped up chocolate, some said melt the chocolate add the cream? Confused? I checked with the Head Chef at work and it was boil the cream, until it starts to roll then take off heat and stir in the chopped up chocolate and that was the recipe I followed. And it worked. I chopped the chocolate on my glass-topped chopping board which made it easier – my tip!

It was surprisingly easy no I rephrase it was dangerously easily! Hence why the picture above is not mine (I could have taken a picture of the empty pot) and no cakes have been made and I am praying that when I get weighed on Tuesday it will have made no effect at all.

Looking at the positive side, I am really pleased I can make it and I am proud of my achievement if not slightly ashamed that I have eaten all I made.

I have spent the rest of Saturday asleep and reading. Safer that way I think.

3 thoughts on “Chocolate Ganache

  1. Yum! That’s impressive – bet it tasted yummy! I made a sort of ganache to go on the top of my sachertorte.

  2. That sounds and looks fantastic. I’m so glad that the supermarket is closed now, otherwise I’d be making my way there. Fingers crossed for your Tuesday weigh in!

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