Chocolate Wishes – Trisha Ashley

This is the story of Chloe who makes wishes. Chocolate Wishes. These delicious treats contain a wish or thought for each customer a prediction of what might happen in the future. Similar to fortune cookies but with more chocolate!

However, Chloe’s life is not so easy to predict. She was left to bring up her step brother Jake, when her mother went off on a cruise and never came back, which resulted in Chloe giving up university and the man she had fallen in love with Raffy Sinclair. He never responded to her letter. Years later it turns out she never responded to his message either and they had both been blaming themselves for no real reason.

Now time has passed and lives have changed Raffy is back in Chloe’s life under a rather different and surprising guise which unites the little village that Chloe lives in.

Chloe’s responsibilities are not for her growing business and growing stepbrother but also her rather eccentric family that she is attached to both through love and location. Her ‘Grumps’ as a character makes for delightful reading as does her aunt Zillah. Both have a unique way of predicting and perhaps determining the future with some rather strange methods.

This book has plenty to get absorbed in; the love life of Chloe mainly of the past which comes back to haunt her in the present. Her friends, Poppy and Felix who it is obvious should be together but have yet to realise that themselves. Chloe needs to help them. There is the eccentricities of Chloe’s family and the move to a new house to open a museum for all things ‘warlock’ as well as expand her own chocolate business and carry on as typist to her grandfather who writes novels. There is also village life to regale at, the parish council meetings, the threat of an outsider coming in and developing local land into housing estates as well as the theories about what actually will be going on in a museum to do with warlocks’ et al. It might seem very random but fits together for me very nicely.

Chocolate is melted throughout this book. We get descriptions of the smell, the texture, how the wishes are made, how the truffles Chloe makes just for herself taste, the quality of chocolate compared to the people she knows, in fact all things cocoa related.

A book to curl up with when you want some cheering up, a little cocoon to escape into and devour without perhaps putting any weight on! Though be warned it makes you want to eat chocolate……

I loved this book, it only took me a couple of days to read and it was a real comfort. If books can be a comfort? It did not give me the answers to the questions that have been running through my head lately but it was escapism, and a great book to curl up on the sofa with and then in bed with. The only downside, I want to eat chocolate. Not good when I have been really good lately and managed to control my chocolate intake. But emotions take over and I just want some comfort. Anyone that comfort eats knows exactly what I mean. I have a thing at the moment, about Lindt Lindor Eggs, currently 2 for £1.20 in all well known supermarkets. Now I can eat them, but I have to account for them on my diet and they are not helping me at the moment. You know the advert says “do you dream in chocolate” – yes I do!

Back to the book! This is the second Trisha Ashley that I have read, the first being her most recent novel Twelve Days of Christmas and I have loved them both. I downloaded a sample of Chocolate Wishes to my kindle just to see how I got on with it and the result was I wanted to buy it. And now I want to read more by the author. So I have downloaded some more samples of Trisha Ashley’s work to my kindle as another part of my project,  there will be more about that soon.

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