More Acquisitions

I was not planning on buying any books for a little while, but I just could not help myself.  I was after an original Enid Blyton books when I had searched my mum’s loft and found that a lot had been given away to charity so I had to buy a couple. Then I needed cheering up and I also needed to buy a birthday present as well so I found myself on Amazon. And then because I have been reading about Persephone books, I was wandering about over there as well. I have read so much about these books, and thought I would like to give one a try especially as Paperback Reader and Verity are holding the Persephone Weekend.

Can you see I am trying to justify my purchases but actually I really do not feel guilty, as I could have wasted money on something else like chocolate and biscuits all the things I have been avoiding whilst losing five stone. Anyway enough diversion, what were the books and why?

Christopher Fowler – Full Dark House. This was sent to me as part of the Great Transworld Crime Caper. Funnily enough I have had it my basket at Amazon for ages, but always avoided buying it. The chance to read it for free seemed too good to miss. I have to read this and post a review and then Transworld will send me the next book I requested. This is the first time I have read any book that a publishing house has sent me.

Trisha Ashley – Chocolate Wishes. I read a sample of this on my kindle and fell in love with the concept of it. I had really enjoyed The Twelve Days of Christmas and wanted to experience more Ashley. This was my treat book to cheer me up.

Penelope Fitzgerald – The Bookshop. This has been featured on many blogs in the recent weeks and the reviews, etc have piqued my interest so I thought I would it give it a go. I did not realise it was such a short book.

Enid Blyton – The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage. Bought alongside Famous Five , Five on a Treasure Island which I discussed on a previous post here. This is the first book of the Five Find Outers series and featured Fatty. Though I expect in the new books they cannot write that. Oh hum, lets not start that again Jo.

Dorothy Canfield Fisher – The Home Maker. This is my first Persephone book. I admit I have been intrigued by the posts about them, and if you like have caved in to what others are reading and buying. There is something about the book which makes it so special and I have not even started to read it yet. Thank you to Elaine at Random Jottings who suggested I start with this one.

Brian Hoey – We are Amused: A Royal Miscellany. This was the birthday present, and I have been trying to read bits of it without it looking like the book has been read! Just one of those books to dip in and out of with some interesting facts and titbits of knowledge.

So that is what I have bought and or acquired recently. A ‘select’ section of books you could say. Now do I start one of these books when I finish my current one, or go back to some sat on my shelf for a little while!