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January Roundup

Can you believe that January has been and gone! No I cannot either, but to consolidate on what I have read in January, I thought that I would do a roundup post.

7 books have been read. Although one is a short story so perhaps that should be 6? And actually it could be 8 depending on when I finish my latest book. A rather eclectic mix looking back. I do not think I can pick out my favourite but my top 3 would be Lucinda Riley – Hothouse Flower, Nicola Upson – Two for Sorrow and Chris Evans – Memoirs of A Fruitcake. I was very disappointed with Maureen Lee – Martha’s Journey normally they form a part of comfort reading for me, sadly this one did not.

This leads me on to Lucinda Riley. Having read the book I contacted the author and have had a reply which I blogged about here. Since then there have been a few emails exchanged between us I am pleased to let all you fans know that her book has been bought by the American market and will be finding a place in the bookshelves of American bookshops as well. Well done Lucinda.

Now why was The Murder on the Orient Express not in my top 3? I have decided to treat reading Agatha Christie books as a bit of a project as I tend to do a comparison with the television adaptation of the books as well. Therefore I have decided not to count them when doing a ‘top’ of anything. Other authors have to have their chance!

January was the month when I got a Kindle. I am not abandoning physical books at all. In fact I am itching to get into Waterstone’s at the moment and have a browse but the bank account is telling me otherwise. I have started a bit of a project on my Kindle as well. I have been downloading samples of books to see whether I want to read them or not and I will definitely be doing an update soon about this project. Nothing like setting yourself little challenges now and again although they seem to finding me.

The one thing so far the kindle has done for me, is make me stop at lunchtime and actually not work. I eat at my desk and I will always answer the phone and help anyone who comes into my office and work away at my computer. Having the kindle with me, means I have been eating my lunch and stopping working; ignoring the phone and the computer but not the people who knock on my door – that would be plain rude!

On the craft front, very little has been achieved. I seem to have lost my momentum, not really sure why. It will come back, but I am so tired when I get in from work and finally sit down after doing all them chores that I can barely keep my eyes open to read let alone pick up the stitching or knitting. All them little projects seem to be on the back burner at the moment!

So that is January. I still have no fridge as of this post and also no freezer. That has had to be switched off to defrost to fix the fridge. Sounds complicated! Although the flush on the toilet is fixed. I have yet to sort the car out but I can only cope with getting one thing sorted at the time. I am sure it will all fall into place.

January saw me hit 100 posts on this blog and I would like to thank everyone who stops by and comments and who have also introduced me to lots of new books.

Let us get on with February…..