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Kindle Kid

I have a Kindle. And why am I a Kindle Kid? Well I was discussing Kindles with my mum and weighing up whether it would be a worthwhile purchase or not. Mum decided she wanted one, so she bought one. That simple. My mum is a huge fan of audiobooks something which it has taken me a long time to get into and I am still working on that particular avenue for absorbing books. Anyway once it arrived and I had to help her set it up, with wireless keys etc and showed her how to buy the books or get the free ones. We found it could take my mum’s already purchased audio books (currently on ipod – my mum likes her gadgets!) onto the kindle. Plus there is the ‘text to speech’ facility on there as well.

All this did was make me decide that I would purchase one for myself. I knew from having played with it that I would only use this from now on without ever holding a real tangible book again. I love books. However owning a kindle would give me the opportunity to try out books and see if I would like them, read the classics of which I am ashamed to say have read very few. For classics please think Austen, Bronte, Dickens etc. And searching the store I also found much loved children books that I could also reread.

But then things started to go wrong…..there is a problem with my service charge on my property not in my favour. Then the fridge decided it would break and I was left with rather thick milk at 0530 when making a cup of tea. Add to that it will take a week to get it fixed after being cut off from the customer service centre and then being told I would have to repeat the whole problem again after being on hold and pressing a numerous amount of buttons to get to a human.  

It does not end there, a letter saying my car needed a safety recall; nothing major but it is when the nearest recommended dealer garage is over 30 miles away and petrol is just plain expensive and I have not budgeted for such a thing. I have found a dealer nearer to me than they say I should go to and will also be an excuse to go and look in a couple of bookshops there. Window shopping of course! Can you see I am trying to look for the silver lining in all of this?

Was there anything else? Oh yes, the flush on the toilet is also broken. I have tried to fix it myself but it is now time for some help from my dad. Do you think that is enough stuff to start 2011 with?

Something did go right though…my mum said she would buy me a kindle. I have argued about this, along the lines of trying to stand on my own two feet and money etc, but I think my mum just wants to be my mum and therefore she won. Plus it also means we both have the same thing and I can help her out with it and share what we have been reading. I am now an owner of a Kindle!

Who else has got a Kindle? Or an eReader? How are you getting on with it?

6 thoughts on “Kindle Kid

  1. Oh no! Isn’t it frustrating how things always seem to happen at once. So kind of your Mum to treat you. I don’t see the Kindle appeal though I know I am in a growing minority – I love my MP3 player and find that a real substitute for CDs, but a Kindle instead of books…couldn’t do it

  2. Sorry to hear about all your bad luck! It was nice of your mum to buy you a Kindle though. I hope you enjoy using it. I’ve had my Sony Reader for about six months now and I love it. I still prefer to read physical books but the ereader is more convenient for travelling and is helping me save space on my bookshelves too.

  3. I’m with Verity, I’m afraid. A kindle just doesn’t do it for me, nothing can replace the the look, feel and smell, of a real book.

    I know that I have been relegated to something akin to ‘Dinosaur’ status, but so be it.

    Apart from anything else, I have such a mountain of TBR books, that I would never need to download another book!!

    I’m glad that you and your Mum are enjoying your kindles, anything that involves reading in one way or another, just can’t be bad.

  4. I don’t think I’ll ever get a kindle either for the same reasons really. I can see it would be handy when you go on holiday so you don’t have to drag books around but that would be the only time I would use one.

    I hope that you’re getting all the pain in the neck problems over with in one fell swoop this year!
    Congrats on 100!

  5. I hope things turn round for you this week and you have a lot more luck soon. At least you got a Kindle. I haven’t made up my mind yet about them yet.

  6. I’ve got a Kindle and I love it, but I also love my real paper books, so I bounce between the two (depending what takes my fancy). My mum seems to be considering one too as she wants to borrow mine sometime!

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