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Hothouse Flower by Lucinda Riley is one of the Richard and Judy Spring Reads and I recently reviewed only days ago on this blog.

I found the author’s website and decided I would like to write and say thank you for such a wonderful book. Something that I have never done before but felt compelled to do. Now the cynic in me, thought that I would get a response from some minion to say “thanks for the comments, we will pass it on to the author, she was glad you liked the book”.

However, I got an email back from the author herself. What a delight! Lucinda praised me for my review, it is posted on Amazon as well and also gave me a few details about how the book is doing…. “coming in 4th biggest for Richard and Judy sales in the first week at WHSmiths”. Which is great for a debut author and a book which had NO PR/Publicity campaign behind it, Lucinda went on to tell me. It is all down to word of mouth. So this post is to spread that word of mouth further.

Please note that I am not receiving anything from the author for this post. Just like I was compelled to write to Lucinda Riley I have felt compelled to write this post and share my email with you all. Especially as she has obviously taken the time to read my blog (and Jessica she picked up your comment, go and have a read it makes me smile!).

I look forward to further correspondence with Lucinda Riley and if there is anything exciting to tell you all, I promise I will share it.

5 thoughts on “Author Correspondence

  1. I’ve had corresponded with 1 or 2 authors now and I do find the majority of them to be friendly and grateful for the review and publicity. 🙂

  2. I also took the plunge and emailed a couple of authors and had lovely personal responses.

    I had Hothouse Flower for Xmas and it will not be on my TBR shelf for long 🙂


  3. I have often thought about emailing my favourite authors, but haven’t had the courage yet. I do love it when authors come to my blog though and I’m pleased you had such a great interaction with Lucinda Riley.

  4. I have corresponded with one new author, after winning a copy of her first book in a competition.

    Grace could not have been nicer in her responses and I have promised her links to the review, when it is complete.

    I know that authors are probably grateful for all the publicity they can get, but it is always nice to receive personal messages from them, isn’t it?

    I wonder of well established authors wuld take the trouble to acknowledge their regular readers?

  5. It is so NICE to get a personal message from an author you loved…

    I will definitely look out for this one.

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