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So some stitching

Where does the time go? In fact I do not know where the day’s are going, and I have been slack in picking up stitching especially as over the Christmas holidays I did suddenly get a lot done. Anyway, my reason for the post is to show you how far I have got in the vain hope it might motivate to me to finish it!

This was the last time you saw a photo (August 2010)

And now this is where I am at (January 2011)

I can see the difference and it does look like it is snowing on them as well! Sometimes when you are working at something close up you cannot see the whole picture. If anything that has spurred me on to do some more. It is time to tackle the backstitching and bring life to these wonderful little characters and also perhaps it may be finished for Christmas 2011!

5 thoughts on “So some stitching

  1. My husband has an Aunt, who does fantastic cross-stitch, massive great canvases that fill whole walls.

    It is not something that I have ever tried, I tend to stick to knitting and crochet, when I get the time.

    Your picture looks great now it is filling out a little and is no different to any other art, in that it always looks better when viewed from a distance.

    Hope to see it finished soon.

  2. Looking good! Fab work!

    In a time gone by (well about 11 years ago) I used to have the time for cross stitching. A lovely relaxing hobby.

    I used to love Lavender & Lace and Mirabila. Yes, I know, I used to have time to do these with 2 small children!


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