Richard and Judy are back for 2011

Richard and Judy through WHSmith have revealed their books on theirĀ website for Spring 2011.

A selection of 8 books and for the first time I have three of the books already on my shelf! Room by Emma Donoghue, Hothouse Flower by Lucinda Riley and The Postmistress by Sarah Blake. That does not mean I am going to suddenly read these books in the next few weeks. Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand I have had in my hand more than once but for some reason never bought it. Has anyone read this? What did you think?

A couple of the others This Perfect World by Suzanne Bugler is a new author and the premise looks quite interesting and has had quite good 4 and 5 star reviews on Amazon.

Laura Hamley is the woman who has everything: a loving and successful husband, two beautiful children, an expensive home and a set of equally fortunate friends. But Laura’s perfect world is suddenly threatened when she receives an unwelcome phone call from Mrs Partridge, mother of Heddy – the girl Laura and her friends bullied mercilessly at school. Heddy has been hospitalized following a mental breakdown, and Mrs Partridge wants Laura’s help to get her released. As Laura reluctantly gets drawn back into the past, she is forced to face the terrible consequences of her cruelty. But, as her secrets are revealed, so too is another even more devastating truth, and the perfect world Laura has so carefully constructed for herself begins to fall apart. “This Perfect World” is the debut novel from a brilliant dark new voice.

The other book that interests me (purely by first instance of looking at the cover) is The Blasphemer by Nigel Farndale and again seems to have rave reviews and high reviews on Amazon through its different themes and the way the novel has been crafted.

How many have you read? Do you think this is a good selection of books?

Jackie at Farmlanebooks has also mentioned the new list for 2011. Check our Dizzy C’s Little Book Blog where the TV Book Club is mentioned.