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It is Summer

Please do not worry I have not lost my mind, or somehow missed out about 6 months of 2011 already. This was my cheeky introduction to a latest cross stitch finished piece – Waxing Moon Summer.

Waxing Moon - Summer

It is not finished into anything as of yet. But it was languishing around with my work in progress projects and when I picked it up I realised that there was very little left to do. So I finished it. I am going to finish it up like Spring,

I have found the material, know how big the polystyrene backing pieces have to be so all I have to do is get my dad to cut them for me to the right size and then decide on the colour of the ribbon and pins to keep it in place. I think red ribbon and pins?

I have my stitching bug back a fair bit now and I have been working on a Christmas picture which I confess to have started at the beginning of 2010. Progress of that I have decided will be reported next weekend. Trouble is I have some other things I would like to be stitching and the knitting is at a pause, as I have run out of wool and waiting for more to be delivered. Whatever happens I have decided a progress report will be made next weekend!