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Christmas Decorations – Version 2

In my recent post I showed you some of the decorations that I have made this year. Well I am back with some more I made; which are now hanging from the wooden tree. Here you can see the tree in full.

These are Lizzie Kate’s 12 Blessings of Christmas. I love Lizzie Kate designs, and since I have got these out of the box to hang on the tree (I made them back at the beginning of the year) I suddenly want to find all my Lizzie Kate and stitch them! I have quite a few already stitched but  will not bore you with them on this post. The 12 Blessings were as follows; Love, Friends, Hope, Charity, Joy, Song, Giving, Caring, Family, Faith, Peace and Home. Blessings for Christmas but also for any time of the year I feel.

A close up of two blessings. I went for the finishing method of the framed felt, and as you can probably see by the picture, not my best cutting. It is great doing the stitching, but sometimes the finishing can get you! However I love them, because I made them and they are finished uniquely by me. I hope you all enjoy some of these blessings this Christmas and in 2011.

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