Christmas Decorations

My tree is out of the box, the lights are on it, and the baubles (spherical and heart-shaped) are hanging nicely, along with the beaded chain and the angel/fairy on the top!

So it is beginning to look  like Christmas in my flat. But I have another tree – a wooden one, made by my dad which is actually half a curtain pole and a few bits of dowelling. On this tree hang my home-made decorations. Currently at the moment – the Christmas Ribbon Decorations.

You start with a polystyrene egg, available from all good craft shops. Then you need the ribbon to decorate it with, and some scissors to cut the ribbon, plus lots of pins to pin it to the polystyrene.

You need to cut it up into a couple of inch wide pieces, enough so you can fold each edge in, to make a point. Then you simply pin to the egg, building up as you go, the pattern you would like.

Once you have covered all the egg, and the top can be quite fiddly, you attach ribbon or beads to hang from your nearest tree.

I have not made as many as I had hoped to this year, time seems to have run away with me and I have so much on the go that choosing what to sit and do takes longer than actually doing it!

These are the other two that I made.  Well there is always next year……