Falling for Christmas – Debbie Macomber

This is the latest ‘Christmas’ book from Debbie Macomber and contains two short stories.  A Cedar Cove Christmas takes us to our favourite place where we meet a stranger in town Mary Jo, heavily pregnant and looking for somewhere to stay.

The kindness of local librarian Grace takes her in, and she stay s in Grace’s barn along with the animals that Grace and her husband have house for the local nativity. (Story sound familiar?) However, Mary Jo has left behind three brothers who all have their reasons for protecting her and wants to get to Cedar Cove to help her and bring to task the man who got her pregnant and left her. These Wyse men, Wyse being Mary Jo’s family name argue and bicker on their journey but can they get there in time to take Mary Jo home or is nature going to take everyone down another track?

A really lovely story, a Christmassy feel based very loosely on the nativity and with some funny references. You do not need to have read any of the Cedar Cove series of Macomber books as this story can stand on its own two feet.

Call Me Mrs Miracle reminds me of the film It’s a Wonderful Life. There is something very reminiscent of it and this is a mere observation not a criticism of the story. Setting the scene, we have the big department store where the manager of the Toy Department Jake Finley (also the owner’s son) orders too many of the latest Christmases must have toy and hopes that he will be able to sell them all to prove his father wrong and also prove his worth. Christmas is a difficult time for Jake and when Mrs Emily Merkle (spelt Miracle on her toy department name badge) steps into his life and into the toy department his life begins to change and all for the better.

Holly’s life has changed now she has to look after her nephew Gabe whilst her single brother is away fighting in Afghanistan and her parents who would have previously provided support are doing charity work abroad. It is just Holly and Gabe who are both struggling to get used to each other in a small apartment in New York. With Christmas round the corner Gabe makes it clear that the only present he must have is the latest must have toy and spends a lot of time in the toy department, dreaming. Holly is determined to make sure this is a good Christmas and that she can afford to buy him the toy. In steps Mrs Miracle.

This story brought to me a just lovely picture, of an old-fashioned huge department store, snow falling, the trees and a wonderful romance.  A lovely way to start the Christmas season.

This book was a great way to start the Christmas season by loosing myself in the lovely stories. Debbie Macomber is good for the soul. Easy consumable reads which are a lot healthier than eating chocolate!

2 thoughts on “Falling for Christmas – Debbie Macomber

  1. Absolutely loving ‘Cedar Cove Christmas’ at the moment! I am about over half way through and I don’t want it to end! I am only 13 and I think that this book isn’t just for adults as I’m enjoying it so much! Highly recommended!

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