Normal Service

has still not been resumed!

Scan of 35mm Test Card "F" slide.

No word on the computer so I am yet again relying on the good nature of others to catch up with my emails, blogs and other such stuff. I am beginning to think it might have been quicker to buy a new computer!

I find that I have so much I could talk about and have no outlet for doing it! Enough of the moans – I am enjoying the non computer time. It is amazing how much you come to rely on it or see it as an essential part of daily living outside of the work place.

All I do know is when I get it back, I know I will enjoy sharing what I have been reading with you all and compiling the list of books that I know I would like Santa to bring me and the ones that will fall into my basket when I am buying for others!

Thanks for stopping by and perhaps some sort of service will be resumed soon.


Hiatus or Hiati?

What is the plural for Hiatus?

Yes it continues but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Good News 1 -The laptop should be back with me by the end of the weekend. Good News 2 – The files have been recovered and saved back onto the laptop! I am sure there is other good news but I cannot think at the moment, as I am once again snekaing on at work to do this post!

There has been quite a bit of reading, some knitting and even some cross stitch! And there will be some pictures.

Thanks for still stopping by and I hope I will be back to posting reviews very soon.