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Christmas is coming……

Probably many of us do not want to be reminded of how quickly Christmas is coming but today marks the first Sunday in Advent, four Sundays before Christmas Day. I am not a particularly religious person, but I think all the Christmas build up starts from today. No more so than the setting up of my advent calendar.

I do not go for a chocolate one and I cannot remember having one as a child, although I may well have done. Mine always displayed a Christmas scene and were not related to any cartoon character or tv programme, I think my mum was a bit old-fashioned about these things, and to be honest for that I am very grateful as I feel the same.

I have had the same advent calendar now for the last 4-5 years and it is homemade. Homemade by me and here it is

There is no glass so I can hang these little decorations on them which are also hand made and were rather fiddly but worth it for the overall effect. Plastic canvas is tough to stitch on.

I do not think this kit is available anymore so I am grateful for having seen it years ago and then spent 3 months making it at the beginning of the year to then have to wait 9 months before I could use it! I look forward to Wednesday when I can hang the first decoration on it.

This has given me some new enthusiasm to finish a christmas piece which I started last year but I am now stuck between that, the knitting and the decopatch letters which are for Christmas presents. Now if I did not have to go to work I would be able to fit it all in and also could read more as well!

So what next for the Christmas build up – the tree but I do have some other homemade christmas decorations which I will show you over the coming days.

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