Homemade Christmas Presents

It is that time of year again, when all things turn towards Christmas. As for presents for people, I have to admit I have done most of mine, thanks to the internet and online shopping. So the main people I buy for are pretty much completed, but it is all the other people who you would like to give but have not got much money to spend. So I turn to crafts and always think a homemade gift is just as lovely especially as some thought has gone into it and also I have got enjoyment out of it.

Back in October I discovered at The Knitting and Stitching Show something called Decopatch. Added to this is the big craze at the moment of words and letter as forms of home decorations. John Lewis calls them ‘decorative accessories’. Marks and Spencer do a range as well. I love letters and words and have quite a lot of this decoration already. I am not sure why the fascinate me but they do, probably linked to the fact that I like books as well!

So I wanted to do something myself and make it individual. Never having tried this before, I bought just one paper set from The Decopatch Place and popped to my local Hobbycraft for a letter, as these were the cheapest and if it was going to go wrong then I would  not have wasted much money!

So with all my tools ready I made a start.

The paper is very thin and has to be torn into little pieces, (or it can be used in large pieces and cut with scissors) and then glued onto the paper mache shape. In this case the letter K, the initial for intended recipient.

Now for someone like me who likes things ‘just so’ tearing bits of paper up into squares that did not match was rather liberating and strangely therapeutic. My only tip here was be careful when you breathe – as the paper all torn up in piles ready to be glued on can go everywhere.

Using the brush and the glossy glue, paint a section of the letter with the glue, then use the brush to pick up the piece of paper you want to put on there, and paint it in place, basically covering it with the glue again. It dries shiny. Another tip – the glue has a smell about it which could give you a headache!

Then all you have to do is keep going. Create a pattern if you want, it does not matter if you overlap, as it creates another good effect. And eventually after a while you get this result.

As you can see the glue is still drying at the bottom right hand corner. However once dry it is supposed to be waterproof but I am not going to test that theory out.

I am really pleased with the result, and I hope the intended recipient will be as well. So what next. There is plenty of paper left from the £2.50 pack I bought so if I had another letter, I could well have created another unique design. I do not think I could copy this pattern though and I think that is why I like them so much.

I have ordered more paper in all the colours and there are at least another 3 people who may benefit from this homemade gift for Christmas. I am tempted to create something for me as a ‘decorative accessory’ in my home. I have this perfect ledge above my window for it to go on when created. But what word do I have? I do not want my name, as I already have this created on another wall. I think on the ledge in the bedroom it has to say ‘sleep’ or ‘dreams’. Any suggestions?