Look who it is! My Story – Alan Carr

Alan Carr has grown on me over the time he has been known to the public. I have never watched The Friday Night Project or Ding Dong; just know him for the times he has been on Radio 2 covering and then when he got his own Saturday Night show. So I came to this book with very little knowledge about Alan Carr apart from the fact that he has made me laugh out loud on occasions.

I was pleasantly surprised, first off by the fact that I am the same age has him and I would certainly not consider writing an autobiography about my life (although I am not famous). However, actually what we get is a book which goes right back to his childhood growing up in Northampton with a father who obviously hoped and wished that his son was going to take after him and go into football.

In fact Alan tried his hardest to like what his father wanted him to like, but it was not to be. Although interestingly enough, it is football terms that are used as the chapter/section headings for this autobiography. Perhaps Alan is trying to please his father now. The early years of Alan’s life and the majority of the book is where Alan is trying to come to terms with who he is and where he fits into this world and what role he plays.

Here is a boy who was bullied because of his looks and his sexual orientation but only the former was known to Alan it has taken a long time for the latter to be realised as to that is why they were picking on him. Humour became his defence mechanism a common theme which I am sure many people can relate to. He does not make an issue of being gay apart from bemoaning the predictions of a fortune teller who said he would find true love by the time he was 30. That is just about finding love. He is still waiting.  His comedy routine is not based on this, but on observational comedy of those around him and his experiences. This is what this book fundamentally is; a wry look at how he has got to where he is through his travelling experiences and life working in a call centre. Where he admits, that he was shallow enough to have his head turned by a £13,000 salary. The characters he has met along the way just give him more material for the book, these people do exist and we can all tell tales, tall or otherwise about whom we have met in the past and how they influenced us in many ways.

There is obviously going to be more scope for another autobiography, but I think we will have to wait a number of years. Carr has written up to when he started the Friday Night Project and became far better known in the public eye. The story is continuing………………….


Posted on Amazon. I have come rather late to the party with this autobiography. In the main because it was not at the top of my list to read and I picked it up in a charity shop a few months ago. I still would not have bought it when it came out, but if you can understand my logic, I am pleased that I have read it.

One thought on “Look who it is! My Story – Alan Carr

  1. I love reading auto-biographies but haven’t read this one yet. I must add it to my list though! Thanks for sharing the review 🙂

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