The Girl Next Door – Elizabeth Noble

This is a typical ‘chick lit’ book and although there have been comparisons to Marian Keyes in other reviews this particular book reminded me of a Debbie Macomber novel.

The Girl Next Door is the stories of the people living in an apartment block in New York. The newest couple is Ed and Eve who have come from the UK and whilst Ed is fulfilling his dream of working in the New York office for Eve, there is something missing and only one thing will complete that gap but will it come at a price?

Trip has everything on a plate for him; money and women. He then bumps into another apartment resident and all of sudden everything has a different outlook. Is he really as conventional as his parents want him to be?

Jason is in love with Rachel. Rachel does not know and even if she did would not have time to even fit it in. In her planned and scheduled life including her children and husband are run like an operation in her business. But can anything upset that plan and cause her to rethink her life and her role in her family?

Jason has his own issues; Kim and Avery. One is his wife, one his daughter and both are growing away from him when all he is doing is trying to be a husband and wife but apparently that does not fit in with the post IVF challenge.

There are other characters, in the book which I think are there to act as vehicles for these main few. It is an easy and comforting read and despite having lots of characters and a list introducing them all at the beginning of the book you can follow it very effortlessly. I have read better books by this author, but this book would not put me off reading any of her others. For me it served a purpose when I chose to read the book. Though if I wanted a book which gave me lots of characters set in the US, then I would first start with Debbie Macomber and not Elizabeth Noble.


One thought on “The Girl Next Door – Elizabeth Noble

  1. I do like these kind of chick lit books where it is almost a mini soap opera with a community.
    Reluctant Landlady comes to mind among others.

    Thanks for the review. This is sitting on my TBR shelves.


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