Cross Stitch

15 Side Biscornu

I have finished something! Following my nearly finished post  on 20 September. I got into the rhythm of a finish.

So this is how it all started

Now this is on 18 count canvas, using Perle 5 Thread. A mixture of these threads; some DMC, some Anchor and Needle Necessities which have now been taken over by Threadworx. This was all left over from other projects I have done, so in this thrifty time I thought I should use them up.

You have to cut out all the squares and then stitch up first of all 5 squares – those in the purple and pinks.

Next is to then attached the next five separately around the edge of the this first section and the result ends up like this.

Then to make the remaining five squares, in this case the yellow and orange ones made up like the purple ones and stitch that to the green squares – resulting in this.

So there it is finished – and just so you can see it all the way round I have included a final couple of photos, so you can see varying angles and the colours.

They are easy to make up, but it is quite difficult to get your needle and thread through the canvas, and it has made my fingers quite sore. It was worth it though and I am glad it is finished. I am pleased with the colours, knowing I turn it around depending on my mood! A great Sue Hawkins Design, and I look forward to having a go with her next creation.