One Lovely Blog Award

Jessica from The Bookworm Chronicles nominated me for an award. My first award – thank you! The rules say that I am to post 15 new blogs to me and then let them know and if they accept then they must carry on posting. If I nominate you and you accept please comment back here.

As I am really new to blogging, I know this is not going to be fifteen so have started with 6, and I know some have already received this award, but some of you out there might not have discovered them yet.

1. Cardigangirlverity

2. Dizzy C’S Little Book Blog

3. Scribbles

4. The Olivia Reader Blog

5. Fig and Thistle

6. Tiny Library

3 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. thank u Jo for the award.
    So welcome at the moment, really needed a cheer after the week I have had! 🙂


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