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Richard and Judy return with their books

The list of 8 books (was 6 but they wanted to extend it) has been announced.  They have struck a deal with WHSMITH in selling and promoting their choice of books. (Years since I bought a book in “smiffs”). I refer you to their actual site as I think it is a bit more accessible and I will be coming back to see reviews and comments as well.

So here is the list.

  • Nasheem Rakha – The Crying Tree
  • Rosamund Lupton – Sister
  • Jo Nesbo – Snowman
  • Ben Macintyre – Operation Mincemeat (The only non fiction book)
  • Thomas Trofimuk – Waiting for Columbbus
  • Rachel Hore – A Place of Secrets
  • Delphine de Vigan – No & Me
  • Maria McCann – The Wilding

The only book I have heard of is A Place of Secrets because I have been looking at it on Amazon, and have added it to my wish list. I might have to sneak that purchase in under the radar!

Operation Mincemeat – although I have never heard of the book before. I have heard about Operation Mincemeat and I am sure Dan Snow covered it on The One Show not that long ago. I think though it is the sort of book I would like to look at first before buying. The only thing that annoyed me was Richard’s comment on the book I saw on a YouTube clip where he said it was one for the men! Excuse me but women like history as well.

As for the others from a quick read of the synopsis I think I might be interested in The Wilding and Sister. I would risk buying these two without having first read a couple of pages just to see what they are like. I would want to perhaps read the first couple of pages of the others before I thought seriously about buying them.

Whatever happens and however good they are or not – books are a personal taste. I hope that their book club continues for a while yet.

A blog I visit that has mentioned Richard and Judy and their current selection of books  is Farm Lane Books Blog. I have yet to see it appear anywhere else.

2 thoughts on “Richard and Judy return with their books

  1. hi
    love ur blog!

    I was so excited waiting for the R&J list to be released I had bookmarked the page b4 it was up and running 🙂

    I have enjoyed many R&J recommendations under their previous partnership with C4 and am looking forward to the new choices with WH Smith.


  2. I’m really pleased that R&J have returned and I really hope their book club can work without a TV show.

    I’m planning to start with Waiting for Columbus and The Crying Tree and then see which books others are recommending. Let’s hope we enjoy all these books 🙂

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