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Richard and Judy return with their books

The list of 8 books (was 6 but they wanted to extend it) has been announced.  They have struck a deal with WHSMITH in selling and promoting their choice of books. (Years since I bought a book in “smiffs”). I refer you to their actual site as I think it is a bit more accessible and I will be coming back to see reviews and comments as well.

So here is the list.

  • Nasheem Rakha – The Crying Tree
  • Rosamund Lupton – Sister
  • Jo Nesbo – Snowman
  • Ben Macintyre – Operation Mincemeat (The only non fiction book)
  • Thomas Trofimuk – Waiting for Columbbus
  • Rachel Hore – A Place of Secrets
  • Delphine de Vigan – No & Me
  • Maria McCann – The Wilding

The only book I have heard of is A Place of Secrets because I have been looking at it on Amazon, and have added it to my wish list. I might have to sneak that purchase in under the radar!

Operation Mincemeat – although I have never heard of the book before. I have heard about Operation Mincemeat and I am sure Dan Snow covered it on The One Show not that long ago. I think though it is the sort of book I would like to look at first before buying. The only thing that annoyed me was Richard’s comment on the book I saw on a YouTube clip where he said it was one for the men! Excuse me but women like history as well.

As for the others from a quick read of the synopsis I think I might be interested in The Wilding and Sister. I would risk buying these two without having first read a couple of pages just to see what they are like. I would want to perhaps read the first couple of pages of the others before I thought seriously about buying them.

Whatever happens and however good they are or not – books are a personal taste. I hope that their book club continues for a while yet.

A blog I visit that has mentioned Richard and Judy and their current selection of books  is Farm Lane Books Blog. I have yet to see it appear anywhere else.

Books · Witterings

Sinead Moriarty – Two Reviews

I have just finished two books by Sinead Moriarty which brings me bang up to date with all her what I have called Baby trilogy books – The Baby Trail, A Perfect Match and From Here to Maternity. I had read A Perfect Match first, not realising it was the second book, so to complete the set I had to go back and start at the beginning and well when you have started you might as well finish!

The Baby Trail – reviewed on Amazon 5 Stars

The Baby Trail is the first of Sinead Moriarty’s trilogy about Emma and James Hamilton and the journey into parenthood.

Emma and James are in their thirties, are madly in love with each other, and are happily married. Despite interference and opinions from both their families. Now they want to continue on their journey and become parents. Emma thinks start having sex more kind of around the right time then 9 months later a baby. However for them it does not happen as nature intended and here starts the baby trail – trying to get to the ultimate goal.

Emma becomes fixated on this mission, and the book goes through the high and the lows of their relationship, Emma’s hormones whilst on all the different treatments as well as the exploits in the main of Emma’s family. Then Emma and James need to make a decision about the next stage in the process, which therefore leads into the next book, A Perfect Match.

Alongside this main theme are Emma’s friend Lucy and Jess. Jess becomes pregnant very quickly again (much to Emma’s annoyance) and Lucy suddenly thinks she might be left on the shelf, but a blind date with Donal, James friend and work colleague comes to the rescue. James rise as one of the best ruby coaches in Ireland starts in this book, and this is continued through all the three books it shows how him, Donal, Lucy and Emma are involved in each other’s lives no matter what they are trying to achieve. In Donal’s case trying to show he is not a caveman!

This book made me laugh and cry all at the same time. If anything it shows that trying for a baby is not easy, and that couples go through so much to get what they want trying many different options. A well written book, yes in the chick lit genre but there is something about the Irish humour that makes it so much more as well.  The author must either have very good firsthand experience or have thoroughly researched the subject, whichever then I commend her for making a subject accessible to everyone.

The Perfect Match – reviewed on Amazon here back in July 2010 4 Stars

From Here to Maternity – reviewed on Amazon 3 Stars

And so it begins and also ends. From Here to Maternity is the last in what I have come to call the ‘Baby’ trilogy with Emma and James. Leading straight on from A Perfect Match where Emma and James finally are successfully in adopting Yuri, a Russian baby left in an orphanage. We see as Emma and James are thrown in at the deep end at being parents, whilst dealing with whatever else life throws at them. Emma being pregnant is the major one! And probably for James the success of the Rugby team would probably be a close second.

All our favourite characters are back in this book. Lucy and Donal have married and are now starting life as a couple but are they going to go down the route everyone wants them to take?

Emma’s family are coming to terms with their eldest daughter, having a new son and being pregnant. As well as understanding how Sean, Emma’s brother could possibly marry anyone else when Maureen down the road from them has lost so much at Weight Watchers she is almost a matchstick. Emma’s parents have to cope with Babs, the youngest and by far the most outgoing with a very acerbic wit to any who come across her. But Emma knows what Babs did in the past, and is it going to affect her relationship with Lucy?

This book, whilst funny was not laugh out loud or cry at any point. The only time I felt emotional was when Emma and James finally get to see the bump they have been trying so long for. However this book does show prejudice about how other people treat someone who has adopted children. Sinead Moriarty dealt with how people can be so cruel as to not love this baby whole-heartedly despite it not being your own flesh and blood. For this commend it.

If you have read the other two, then why not complete the set and read this. It does tie everything up nicely and you know out there somewhere they are all just getting along with their lives, dealing with baby sick, cultural differences and strange family traits. As I am sure many readers do day in day out.

Looking at how I rated them, first book started with 5 stars, second 4 and third 3. To be honest I think that can sometimes sum up a series of books. The first and second books were the best and third was needed to finish the story enough and to ensure that there was no chance of any more books. Always best to leave on a high.

Sinead’s website can be found here go and check it out especially if you like Marian Keyes, she is definitely up there when it comes to good chick lit with Irish humour which I think is why I enjoy the books so much that and the mad families remind me of my own! I am now going to add her current book to my wish list as I have read all the others.

And in a nice link the first book I read was Keeping It In The Family recommended by all of people Richard Madeley in his column in the Daily Express….. my next post will be to discuss the new Richard and Judy Book club whose titles were released today……did you see the link?