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An Update of Books and Crafts

I decided to do a summary post of what I have been up to in regards to books and crafts.


Recent reviews I have already published them on my blog. Here are the links

Kate Atkinson – Started Early, Took My Dog

Jane Beaton – Rules

Debbie Macomber – 204 Rosewood Lane

Upcoming Review on Brian McGilloway – Borderlands


Acquired 2 booksLesley Pearce – Stolen & Douglas Kennedy – Leaving the World. Both new authors to me so I will see how I get on with these two.

Amazon Vine – 2 BooksAnne Fortier – Juliet and a non fiction book Mindfulness for Dummies. This is an area which I have an interest in so thought this would be a good start to get into something.

Waterstones Visit – 13 Books! eek!

Alexander McCall Smith – The Miracle at Speedy Motors Book 9 in the No 1 Ladies Detective Series

Alexander McCall Smith – Tea Time for the Traditionally Built Book 10

Kate Kerrigan – Ellis Island Recommended by one of the Waterstone’s staff

Brenda Reid – The House of Dust and Dreams From the blurb and look of the book, it probably will have a similar feel to Victoria Hislop’s The Island

Lesley Lokko – Bitter Chocolate Three Girls trying to find the missing piece in their lives. Based in Haiti, America and London. Daft though it sounds, a good thick book to get lost in!

Kate Atkinson – Case Histories The first Jackson Brodie book.

Victoria Henry – The Beach Hut Another new author of the ‘chick lit’ variety I believe.

Elizabeth Gilbert – Eat Pray Love This has been made into a film with Julia Roberts, and I read about it in a magazine interview with the actress. Perhaps then I might go and see the film.

Mary Nichols – The Fountain I was actually after The Summer House but this was on a 3 for 2 and they did not have The Summer House

Daphne Du Maurier – Jamaica Inn Rebecca is one of my favourites, and encouraged by my mum I would like to read some more by this author.

Katharine McMahon – The Rose of Sebastopol Having loved The Crimson Rooms, I wanted to try another one by this author.

Philippa Gregory – The White Queen Fancied a bit of historical fiction and you cannot beat PG! I thought I better start with the beginning of her next series.

Katherine Webb – The Legacy A past and present story based with two girls and a house that connects them.

Now I cannot say I will not buy any more books for a while, because you never know. But this will be my last big haul before Christmas that is for sure!


I have had a few finishes this week, so this is what I am showing, as opposed to my works in progress. No point taking pictures of something that have not changed since the last picture!

This is a Sue Hawkins Biscornu, done in canvaswork using perle thread No 5 two different colours, and I alternated them as you can hopefully can see by the first picture, which I took before making the biscornu up which is then shown in the second picture below. Not the easiest things to photograph I suppose. I hope this gives you an idea at least.

This is Waxing Moon’s Simply Seasons Spring.

I am currently working on Simply Summer. Always trying to find different ways to make up stitching, I decided to make it into a pinkeep. Which is a popular way of finishing. I am now after getting some hooks or the like so I can hang this on a door, and then change it when the seasons change. It does stand up independently as the pins make quite good little feet.  I will try and finish Simply Summer before it is over, although with the weather and temperatures here at the moment it may already be over!

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