204 Rosewood Lane – Debbie Macomber

This is the second book in Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cover Series. The characters we were introduced to in 16 Lighthouse Road are back.

The local judge, Olivia Lockhart, her daughter Justine and her new husband Seth are back, with new challenges to face both personally and professionally.

Grace resident of 204 Rosewood Lane is still smarting after the disappearance of her husband Dan Sherman. The divorce finalised everything practically for her but not emotionally. Will the discovery about what really happened give her that closure? Her daughter Kelly a new mum cannot believe anything has happened and everything will go back to the way it was. However Maryellen, Grace other daughter, has hidden so much about her past that perhaps she understands? The future takes an unexpected turn for her when Jon Bowman comes into her life.

Here we are also introduced to new characters, Rosie and Zach Cox, whose story is picked up more thoroughly in 311 Pelican Court (the first Cedar Cover story I read). WE see how they fit into Cedar Cove and the life of the community especially when they are faced with Judge Lockhart’s rather unorthodox judgement.

Having read book three and then worked backwards. I can see Macomber building the place of Cedar Cove with all its residents and how all their lives do intertwine either through marriage, long lasting friendship or at the Pancake Palace. The beauty of these books a current guilty pleasure of mine is that you can pick the book up mid series and still get a feel for what is going on without having read earlier books. Macomber goes over the back story well without just reiterating previous novels which some authors have a tendency to do when there is little substance to follow up novels or in a series of books.

My only other guilt of reading them, and I have mentioned this before in my reviews, is I do skim read in parts because I realise the way the book is heading in some but not all cases. A bit like having a television programme on in the background and still being able to keep up with the story line. I chastise myself regularly of this habit. As I knows I do not know it for the many many other books I read. It will not stop me through carrying on reading the Cedar Cove series.

Despite this, I invite anyone who wants pure escapism to settle down with this series of books, and just enjoy!

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