Cross Stitch

The Bookshelf

This is not my bookshelf! I actually do not have one for current books or books pending the charity shop or friends and colleagues. They are in random piles on the floor of the living room! Something quite arty about it really, and I am forever going through them and rearranging them as well.

This is a Little House Needlework Design called simply The Bookshelf. Please excuse the wrinkly fabric in it, the photo was taken after it had been finished and before it was framed, it is certainly not wrinkly in the frame now! I love cross stitch designs which are made up of words and letters and this really sums up also my love of books, though note they are all female authors. Perhaps one day they will do a montage male authors just to complete the set.  I also have the The Library in my stash to do as well, it is just getting round to it more than anything.

I thought this picture was a good way to start with the cross over between my love of books and cross stitch.

I am hoping batteries in camera permitting to show you some work in progress stuff cross stitch wise.

One thought on “The Bookshelf

  1. Hi Jo, thank you for visiting my blog. I will add you to my reader so that I can pop back here 🙂 Love your LHN Bookshelf finish.

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